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Name: Ladyboy Yuki
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Yuki's secret
Description: I had had this ladyboy I dated a couple of time who was a huge fan of the Victoria's "thing you don't tell" fashion shows. So this one day I thought I'd do something nice for her and bought some pink VS knickers for her. I could picture it in my head, I would arrive at her room, give her the bag, she's get excited because of the branding on the bag, she'd take out the packaging, find the underwear, she'd hug me, I'd get a boner, she'd run into the bathroom, I'd lie down on the bed, she'd come back out wearing my gift, I'd say how great it looks, she'd smile, come over and give me a kind wet thank you blowjob, this was gonna be great. But what really happened was this, she came out angry, blaming me for not knowing her size, threw the panties in my face and told me to give them to my real gf and never come back. I never saw that coming, I thought those things would be stretchy or something. So I left, and although I didn't have another gf, I didn't mind pretending Yuki was my new gf and made a little revenge porn.
Video length: 21:52
Model(s): Yuki
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