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Nubile Fem Swallows Older Man's Spit & Seed 4K
Description: Dirty Massage episode 28 with Itim. ONE CUMSHOT! Little Itim is dressed as a schoolgirl to give an oily bareback massage and sex chair ride to an older guy! Itim shows off her lithe body in a view up her green tartan miniskirt. The man can barely wait and his dick slides into Itim's cock-hungry butthole. Now its time for the massage to start. Itim pours slick coconut oil all over the man and slides her body from head to toe. Itim is a passionate girl and loves licking and kissing. She cleans the man's asshole with her tongue then has the man turn over. They 69 together and Itim bobs her pretty face on the erect cumstick. Itim's braces mouth wrap around the Farang erection. Itim rims the man and slurps on the man's full nutsack. Her little winker is ready for cock and the man lines up his bare dick and plunges balls deep inside her. Itim's eyes are rolling up inside her had as the cockhead rubs against her tender prostrate. Her mouth opens wide for kisses and spit from the man. Itim loves this dirty, wet sex and gets lost in pleasure. Next Itim goes into a sex chair to have her open, defenseless rear stuffed with hard cock. Itim is fucked in two positions and cleans off the cock between positions. She licks the man's feet and toes with tongue, painting the flesh with her saliva. The two go back into bed to feed Itim more. She strokes her cute dick while her gaze fixates on the steely POV erection. Her mouth opens and long strings of spit slide down her tongue to her throat. Itim eagerly swallows the spit and loves being used like a sex object. The man can't hold back his orgasm any longer and pumps a huge load of seed into Itim's mouth. Only a small amount shoots onto Itim's cheeks. The bulk of the load fills Itim's mouth and she eagerly swallows it. Her tummy is satisfied being full of spit and sperm. Itim goes into the shower next to put on a wet show, bringing this Dirty Ladyboy Massage session to a close. Only on the LadyboyGold network.
Video length: 1:03:46
Model(s): Various
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