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Name: Ladyboy Bew
Birthday: Mar 26
Weight: 105.6 lb (48kg)
Height: 5'5" (165cm)
Cocksize: 5.5 Inches (14 cm)
Biography: Bew is a very sexy and convincing girl you could bring home to your family without anyone suspecting her having a little snake between her legs. She...
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A Diva But She's Worth It
Description: Bew is a very pretty and convincing girl you could safely prance around with in any Western city without people thinking she is packing heat between her legs, isn't that exactly what we all want? She could sit down with your parents on a Sunday morning for tea and they would tell you afterwards they would love to hear what the plans are concerning the family expansion. That is as long as they don't get to watch Bew in these videos on our site off course. Bew, to be fair, can be a bit of a diva, she has demands and she isn't up for arguing, hence the lack of cuffs in her debut is explained, while she had agreed to it at first she might have misunderstood or simply changed her mind when she saw my ugly mug. But hey, with a face and body like hers, who am I to deny her? Enjoy her debut right here on Ladyboy Vice.
Video length: 20:26
Model(s): Bew
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